Welcome to our weight-loss story! This blog has been designed to inspire people struggling to lose weight or those who have lost weight only to gain it all back again. We hope you enjoy watching our weekly segments!


2 comments on “Home

  1. Hey Susan, I am not easily impressed. But this moved me. This is like standing in front of all your friends and family and saying “I do/I will”. The obligation just transcended personal goal.

    I would love to see people with less obvious but more urgent personal challenges go public with their resolve to transcend and succeed.
    I think specifically about some of the people I have known that have issues with lack of compassion, perspective and kindness. Imagine if they had the character deep within that you and Bryan have and started a public blog to become good-hearted souls. That would be awesome.
    I look forward to watching your successes.

    Thanks again, Bobby

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