4 comments on “Video Blog – 09-03-2013

  1. Go Burkes! You guys are the best. Thanks for sharing the ups and downs with all of us. I lost my focus last week as well. It’s so easy to do. Keep truckin’ guys. The whole TRT team is in your corner!

  2. Susan – you are both doing so great – I can see it in your arms and face – keep it up! You both are very inspiring. I know it will be a big week for you next week!

  3. This is by far your best post. Susan when I saw how upset you were in yourself, it gave me chills. Being upset with yourself, seeing the disappointment on your face shows how much this means to you – GREAT PROGRESS! You’re not just crawling up in a corner and giving up, you are getting emotional about this – which means losing fat, being honest and losing fat is IMPORTANT – yea! Shows you care this time about your performance. This is the turning point! Great job you guys! Very proud of both of you!

  4. What a great time for me to see this. Battling some of the same over here in Colorado, it’s nice to know none of us are alone no matter what our goals. It’s a big reminder that even though there is always a goal or destination, the journey never ends. Life will forever be an ongoing process of growing pains. You’ll be stronger for this! Keep it up! All of us on TRT out here in CO are cheering you on!

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