3 comments on “Video Blog – 10-22-2013

    • We got ours through 24hour fitness, but you can buy them directly via http://www.bodymedia.com. There are two versions – one is the lync, which syncs via Bluetooth with your cell phone or can be plugged into your computer, and the other is core, which does not have the capability to sync with your cell phone and requires you to purchase a wristwatch to read the data on anything other than your computer. We paid around $70 each for ours (lync version), but they retail for $119. The core is $89. There is a subscription service for $6.95 a month and without it, you cannot view, track, or download your data. The first 3 months are free when you purchase from bodymedia.com (through 24-hour fitness, they included the first 6 months for free). I think you can also purchase from 24hourfitness.com without being a member of the gym (click on store at the bottom left side of their page), so that may be the best deal given that you get 6 months of their subscription service vs. 3. It’s a great tool and quite motivational and it’s nice to know what you are really burning (they claim to be 92% accurate).

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