6 comments on “Video Blog – 11-19-2013

  1. The INCREDIBLE shrinking Burkes! You guys are amazing, and I know I speak for the entire TRT team when I say how PROUD of both of you that we are. Have a great trip to Hawaii. You deserve it!

    • Thank you Steve! The journey has been difficult but the pain has totally been worth it. We’re coming out the other side with a new thought process that would have still been broken if it weren’t for you and Dawn. We owe a world of gratitude to the two of you for believing in us. Thank you!!

  2. What a great post! Congrats again on your progress and on getting to embark on new adventures on your vacation!

  3. Aloha Susan and Bryan! You’re both looking awesome and Steve is right when he speaks for the entire TRT. We are very proud of you!! You are very inspiring and personally I love following your blog posts. Enjoy Hawaii!

    • Thank you Lisa! We have to say that the support from you and the entire TRT has been incredible and encouraging. We appreciate you as a friend and business colleague! Looking forward to sharing from Hawaii next week.

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